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12:02 pm: In answer to Paula...

1. rubber ducks. what's up with that? I'm not certain. Way back in the late 90s when I was a fangirl, I decided to send Teh Neil a birthday present. I saw some rubber ducks at Meijer and thought it would be a good thing to put in the package. (actually, I can't remember now if I was looking for the duck or if I saw them and thought 'neat!'). Neil put the duck in his newly remodeled bathroom, and it started a tradition where I would give ducks to friends going to Neil signings and he would sign them. Plus: they're fucking rubber ducks! Iconic, cute, squeaky.
2. how many times have you been to the stratford fest, and who did you go with? Um, just 3 times. I know I make it sound like I go all the time, but really I just _want_ to. I've always gone with my parents and brother. If I ever get married I'll probably go on my honeymoon there. B&Bs! Plays! Canada!
3. what is your favorite sport to participate in (if any), or watch (if you don't participate)? I like to play croquet, not sure if that counts as a 'sport'. I _really_ want to actually get together and make up rules for Dodgehockey/Hockeyball and then play said sport. I like to watch rugby. With friends. Late at night.
4. what do you honestly want for christmas? A 2 week vacation and to be told that KSU has decided to randomly give me my MLIS early. I have too much stuff, I don't need/want any more stuff. Oh, and to be infertile.
5. do you consider yourself religious, spiritual, neither (as in none), or other? Currently I am nothing. Not religious, not spiritual. But I have no problem with other people having beliefs. I used to and may one day again.


Date:December 24th, 2005 07:16 am (UTC)
1. aww! i wonder if he still has it! that would be so cute. and indeed, they are iconic, cute, and squeaky. just like Teh Jen.
2. dude, three times _is_ a lot. i'm impressed. canada yay!
3. i think croquet counts as a sport. i've no idea how to play it though. me too, me too! we need to make that happen over the summer. we can have 'tournaments' in the backyard. rugby players=pirates.
4. *cracks up* i wish i could make that happen.
5. *nods* i like your answer. thanks.
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