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November 30th, 2005

01:31 pm: Child's Play Charity
Tis the season.

Click on the controller of the hospital of your choice and donate stuff through amazon. Money, movies, games, books... is easy and karmariffic! Trust me, this kind of stuff really helps kids in the hospital (and the siblings/children of people in the hospital).

November 24th, 2005


November 23rd, 2005

04:36 pm: I was going through some old entries and come across this comment by Paula. It was during a conversation where it was decided people vote for Bush because bush monkeys come in the night and eat their brains...

"i can see them. they're about the size of an adult cat. and they chew veeeery slowly. their eyes glow red."

It was so deliciously creepy I thought I'd remind others of it's existence.

03:56 pm: What I Do At Work All Day
I like to pop between windows a lot. I've been following this conversation over at Making Light for the last few days. Basically, the site's owner's neighbor was just murdered. While searching for information on him, she found out he worked at a strip club that's been in a trouble with the law lately. Further searching turned up a blog where someone wrote about visiting said club. Ms. Nielsen Hayden mentioned what she thought of the post and suddenly the person who made it and her little friends went trolling in the comments thread. And for some reason it's amusing the hell out of me (and everyone there, hence the ::hits refresh:: 397 comments). It's reminiscent of Usenet back in the day (where I myself did inadvertantly trollish things. I, however, learned from them, and fairly quickly. These folks will just _Not let go_). It's fascinating to me, this absolute refusal to listen, this unwillingness to be educated (and I'm not saying they have to automatically embrace what they're being told, but they should be open to the possibility). After lurking for a number of years and never once posting, I suddenly find myself yearning to break in there to try and lay some sense on these people... but far more articulate people than I have tried and so far it's just not working. So I think I'll make some popcorn instead and hit the refresh button a few more times. (I also hope their stupidity is providing an entertaining distraction for the Nielsen Hayden's in the aftermath of their neighbor's death).

Current Mood: entertained

November 18th, 2005

09:36 am: Thus Endeth the Saga
Bampf! is moving to Yellow Springs today. New stuff to explore and jump off of! She's like a freakin' pinball.

November 15th, 2005

04:21 pm: weather stuff

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Tornado watch until 10:00. 70 degrees today... snow tomorrow. Wooo!

The blinds in my office are moving. I don't like that, being 18 stories up and all.

Current Music: tori - space dog
08:34 am: Update on the guy that helped fellow rugby fan Mr. Sabriel
through his own difficut time. "Mr. Sabriel, you love Wales!"

November 12th, 2005

10:17 pm: Oh My Freaking God
I have been back and forth on this kitten thing so many damn times. And because I've been back and forth sooooo many times, it's really obvious what the answer is: I can't keep kitty. I can't let her and others guilt trip me into something I know I can't handle. A bigger place wouldn't make it any less of an "Oh my god, another living thing is here with me 24/7, I want to be _alone_!" I'll decide I'm giving her away and she'll sit on my lap and purr and be cute and my brain goes 'keep her!'. But that's like 5 minutes of her existence a day and if a boyfriend annoyed me all but 5 minutes of the day I'd dump him. Yeah, she's cute, but she's a living thing, not a stuffed toy. So please people, keep a lookout for someone who actually wants a cat.

November 11th, 2005

08:43 am: Unbearably cute and a bit melancholy.


November 10th, 2005

09:16 am: Because I am evil
Sorry Teresa, I had to steal your user pic, because I am evil.

08:21 am: I'm hardcore because...
I drink my pepto bismol straight from the bottle.*

How are you hardcore?

*may possibly be because kitten displaced the measuring cap.

Current Mood: queasy
Current Music: daft punk

November 8th, 2005

10:40 pm: Kitty after a hard day of teleporting.

07:46 pm: Bampf!
Ya'll are going to hate me, but I thought about it a lot and I can't keep the kitty. I'm never here, and she's going to get really bored. Today was her first 'normal' day (not lost, not recovering from the vet) and she's got energy. Please everybody ask around to see if anyone wants a

Ten Week old kitten
Mackeral Tabby coloring
Has had first shots (and comes with a free 17.00 dollar dose of Advantage)
Very good temper (doesn't try to bite or scratch)
Litter box trained
Comes with lots of toys.

My two conditions - she is an indoor cat. Given the chance to go outside she'll turn right around and go back in the apartment. She is _not to ever_ be declawed.

I'll post some pics later.

09:47 am: Bampf!
It is possible I will keep her. However, much depends on:

a. My Landlord

b. How well Bampf! handles being alone in the bathroom during the day (she wouldn't have the run of the apartment until I got everything put away and kitten-fied. I also might get her these). If she gets depressed I'll have to find her people with more time to spare.

c. If her previous humans (she was definitely previously owned) put up signs or come knockin on doors. I might be a bad person for not putting signs up, but I'm just too paranoid to put my phone number up on telephone polls.

d. a red wheelbarrow and some chickens. mmmmmmm, chicken.

Current Mood: shut up.

November 7th, 2005

06:53 am: kitten
I left my apartment yesterday to go to Dick's and look at rowing machines. I made it to the garage and found a kitten. Paula and I are going to take her to SICSA today. She is very cute and incredibly tempting but I doubt I'll keep her. If I did though, her name would be Bampf!, because she can teleport.

November 4th, 2005

11:12 am: Cute!
I just went to pick up lunch and on the elevator was a woman with four small children who were just cutest ever. Her son stood behind her and kept popping out at the little girls and they were all incredibly giggly. It was happy making. :-)

10:13 am: Geeky and Excited

Who wants to join the ohio historical society with me and go to as many of these places as possible next year? :-D

08:27 am: MirrorMask
If you're planning on seeing MirrorMask at The Neon this weekend, don't. The Sony site is wrong and MirroMask will not open at The Neon until probably the 11th.

Current Mood: PSA

November 3rd, 2005

10:24 am: Random
Does anybody need any amazon.com sized boxes? You could use them as cat beds, to block a window which is for some reason located right inside the shower, or even to ship things to people. I'm trying to get my apartment tidy but I just have too much stuff and I cannot throw things away if they might possible could be useful. Basically I want everything to have it's own place, to fit in that place, and to leave me enough room in my living room for this. I am tired of being tired. I need to start eating right and getting some sort of exercise. But I don't like getting healthy in front of people and my apartment is small. Bah. Anyway, my first step is to actually organize my apartment. Then comes the healthy.

Current Music: Away Team - Where Do I Begin

November 2nd, 2005

03:20 pm: My New Law
If you are wearing a gun, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLIRT WITH ME. It is creepy and wrong.

Current Mood: squicked
02:06 pm: Meme
Stolen from Mac:

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want- good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

Current Music: magnetic fields: busby berkeley dreams

October 31st, 2005

01:31 pm: bah
I cannot stop sneezing. My eyes are a hideous shade of pink. I'm contemplating going home and using the rest of the afternoon to read a few years worth of Savage Love archives.

Current Mood: sneezy
11:48 am: Happy Halloween.

10:27 am: Voting Machines
Montgomery County Welcomes Our New Diebold Overlords:


BTW, vote Yes on Issue 2 and anyone who wants can vote absentee every year for no stated reason. I may do this just so that I can still do a paper ballot.

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